Malaysia tersenarai antara 5 jambatan paling ngeri di dunia


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1. Crazy CurvesLangkawi Sky BridgeKedahMalaysia
perhhh..first kowt..
 2. Forest Gulp: Capilano Suspension BridgeNorth VancouverBritish Columbia

 3. Cope-on-a-Rope: Carrick-a-Rede Rope BridgeAntrimNorth Ireland

 4. Terrifying TriftTrift BridgeGadmenSwitzerland

Originally built by a power company to allow access to the Trift Glacier below and set in the mountains of the Bernese Oberlandthe Trift Bridge is reported to be among the longest pedestrian suspension bridges inthe worldat approximately 550 feet in lengthAs the bridge also stands more than 300 feet above theTriftsee Lakedon't mistake those yelps for yodels.

5. Royal FlushedRoyal Gorge BridgeCanon CityColorado

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